Rosa 4 Month Old Female Presa Canario

Rosa is a playful 4 month old female Presa Canario who is looking for her forever home. Rosa is vaccinated and micro-chipped. Rosa is partially house-trained. Rosa has lived with children. Rosa is playful with other dogs. Rosa would suit an experienced new home. Please enquire.

Rosa's Assessment

●Rosa is currently not neutered but is micro-chipped
●Rosa is up to date with vaccinations
●Rosa has no known health conditions
●Rosa is not yet fully house trained
●Rosa is calm and sleeps when she is left alone in the house
●Rosa will jump up and be pleased to see you when you get home
●Rosa is very excited when people come to the door
●Rosa is excited when you are home and will sometimes follow you
around the home, but is happy to spend her time alone
●Rosa has a food feeder at the moment so can eat and drink
whenever she needs to
●Rosa will sometimes pull when she is out on the lead
●Rosa understands the commands sit, stay, come here and leave it
●Rosa is very excitable with other dogs and likes to play with them
●Rosa has lived with younger children (2-4 years old) and may be
suited better to older children as she can be too excitable
●Rosa has never injured a person or animal


●This dog has not been neutered and has been micro-chipped
●The dog will be vet checked before leaving us and has been
●This dog has not lived with other animals before
●This dog would be best suited to a home with older children
●This dog is located in Leeds, West Yorkshire

~ Completed by Chrichna and Kayley