Bronco 2 year old Male Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Bronco is a friendly 2 year old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is looking for his forever home. Bronco is neutered and micro-chipped. Bronco is fully house-trained. Bronco has some recall off the lead. Bronco is friendly with some dogs and will bark at others. Bronco has lived with children. Bronco has lived happily next door to another dog but will chase cats. Please enquire.

Bronco’s Assessment

● Bronco is a 2 year old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier looking for his forever home. He is a lovely boy at home who will have a good cuddle with you and loves to eat! Bronco has been around visiting children but has not lived with other animals, although he has socialised well with neighbouring dogs.
● Bronco is micro-chipped and neutered
● Bronco will be vet checked and vaccinated before leaving us
● Bronco will be pleased to see you when you come home
● Bronco is currently in a dog cage when left home alone as otherwise, he will often chew
Bronco would really benefit from some support to overcome this so that he can be left with some free space to roam when people are not home
● Bronco will sometimes follow you between rooms in the house
● Bronco is a well-behaved boy, who can sometimes be a bit giddy and excitable!
● Bronco gets excited when someone comes to the door
● Bronco will sit and wait for food until instructed that he can have it
● Bronco is currently fed half a tin of Pedigree jelly wet food and Tails dry dog food in the morning and evening
● Bronco is fully house-trained
● Bronco has not had formal obedience training but knows the commands sit, stay, come here, leave it and has recall when off the lead
● Bronco will pull sometimes on the lead when out on walks
● Bronco will bark at some dogs he meets but be friendly with others
● Bronco has had visiting children at home, ages ranging from 2 – 10 years old
● Bronco will chase cats and potentially other small animals
● Bronco has never injured any other person or animal


● This dog has previously been around children but has not lived with other animals before
● This dog is micro-chipped and neutered
● This dog will be vet checked and vaccinated before leaving us
● This dog is located near Leeds, West Yorkshire

~ Completed by Elaine and Madeleine