Rocco Ref:PY8V 8 Year Old English Bull Terrier

Rocco is a 8 year old male English Bull Terrier who is looking for his forever home. Rocco is micro-chipped. Rocco is a friendly boy, good with new people and well behaved when left home alone. Rocco has ear problems which reoccur. Rocco has lived with teenagers. Rocco has not been around other animals. Rocco is fully house-trained. Rocco would be best as an only pet. Rocco has some recall. Rocco would suit an experienced new home. Please enquire.

Rocco’s Assessment
● Rocco is not yet neutered but has been micro-chipped
● Rocco currently needs his vaccinations updating
● Rocco has some problem with his ears
● Rocco is calm and sleeps when left home alone
● Rocco will be pleased to see you when you get some
● Rocco is generally calm around the house and likes a good nap
● Rocco likes to be around people and will sometimes follow you between rooms
● Rocco is good when people come to the door and will be playful and happy to see them
● Rocco will wait for his food patiently
● Rocco is currently fed dry food twice a day Wag brand, with meat mix added occasionally
● Rocco is fully house trained
● Rocco has not had formal obedience training but knows the commands sit, stay, come here, leave it, paw and has recall off the lead
● Rocco walks nicely on the lead
● Rocco is currently walked twice a day
● Rocco is normally kept on the lead on walk
● Rocco normally looks interested to play when seeing other dogs – previously he has been kept away from other dogs, so it is not known exactly how he responds to new dogs, but he has not previously shown aggression
● Rocco has lived in a house with multiple children ages 8 upwards
● Rocco would suit a home with older children as when he gets excited and a bit giddy he is pretty strong
● Rocco has not previously lived with any other animals
● Rocco would benefit from a home where he receives more attention and exercise

● This dog has not yet been neutered
● This dog is micro-chipped
● This dog requires updated vaccinations
● This dog has not previously lived with other animals
● This dog would be suitable in a home with older children
● This dog is located near Leeds, West Yorkshire

Completed by Kayley & Madeleine