Malc 4 year old male Saluki cross Bull Greyhound

Malc is a 4 year old male Saluki cross Bull Greyhound who is looking for his forever home. Malc is vaccinated. Malc is crate trained and partially house-trained. Malc has lived with children but is not happy around younger children and would suit an adult home. Malc can be reactive with other unknown dogs. Malc has lived with another dog and birds but would suit a pet-free household. Malc can be timid around new people and would suit an experienced new home. Please enquire.

Malc’s Assessment
●Malc is not yet neutered, has not been microchipped and is fully up to date with his vaccinations
●Malc has no known health issues
●Malc can be destructive and mischievous when left home alone, he has been crate trained and is also calm when left
●Malc barks, jumps up and runs around in circles when you get home
●Malc sometimes follows you around the house
●Malc will bark when someone locks at the door, he is kept in a separate room when someone first arrives as he can be a abit bouncy
●Malc may run in circles while you prepare his food but will sit on command
●Malc currently eats any dog food meat twice a day and Chubb
●Malc is partially house-trained (still has some accidents)
●Malc has not had formal obedience training but knows ‘sit’, ‘come here’ and ‘leave'
●Malc pulls sometimes when he is on the lead
●Malc is reactive towards other dogs he has not met before when he is on a walk
●Malc has lived with children, however, he would be suited to an adult-only home
●Malc currently lives with another dog and birds
●Malc can be very giddy, he can sometimes be shy around new people
but is very loving and loves cuddles
●Malc has never injured another animal or a human before

●This dog will need to be neutered and micro-chipped
●This dog will be vet checked before leaving us
●This dog would be suited to an adult-only home
●This dog is located in Mexborough, South Yorkshire

Completed by Kayley and Madeleine

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