Lily 3 year old Female Lurcher Crossbreed

Lily is a friendly 3 year old female Lurcher Crossbreed who is looking for her forever home. Lily is neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped. Lily is fully house-trained. Lily has recall off the lead. Lily is playful with most dogs, but can be reactive to some. Lily has been gentle with visiting children. Lily walks well on the lead. Lily has lived with cats but does chase them. Lily would suit an experienced new home. Lily would be best in an adult home. Please enquire.

Lily's Assessment

● Lily is a friendly 4-year-old female Lurcher Crossbreed.
● Lily has been vet checked, neutered, fully vaccinated and micro-chipped.
● Lily is a sensitive dog and larger dog who will benefit from space to move around.
● Lily can be destructive when left home alone.
● Lily is pleased to see you when you arrive home.
● Lily will sometimes follow you if you go to another room.
● Lily is content and calm when you are at home. She is affectionate and charming.
● Lily is fine when people arrive at the front door. She never barks at the postman or people she doesn't know when they enter the house. Lily rarely barks and is always friendly. Lily loves to be petted by visitors.
● Lily will wait patiently for food. Lily is slow in her movements but does need a lot of exercise. She runs really fast when she is with her friends.
● Lily eats twice daily. Lily likes cooked food but has been used to good quality dry food and gluten-free good quality wet food. She has also been used to eating a number of treats daily.
● Lily is fully house-trained.
● Lily has had no formal obedience training.
● Lily knows the commands sit, stay, come here, paw, and has recall when off the lead.
● Lily walks nicely on the lead.
● Lily has had 3 very good male friends of her size. They have been running together daily in an enclosed space at a park. Lily is very submissive towards them. Lily has exhibited reactive behaviour toward female dogs. Lily needs to be introduced gradually to other dogs and check that they bond. If they do she will be fine with them.
● Lily would be best as an only dog perhaps due to this. Lily is a loving and committed dog and would love another dog dearly if they get along.
● Lily loves the Huskies that she has been playing with daily.
● Lily has been used to being walked 3 or 4 times daily with each walk lasting 30 minutes to 2 hours.
● Lily has not lived with children but has been used to children in the neighbourhood playing with her.
● Lily is sensitive to noise and is not comfortable with children screaming. Lily has played with children when supervised, but may be best in a quieter home.
● Lily has lived with cats when she lived in Greece previously, but when walked she wants to chase them.
● Lily is an affectionate and sweet dog. Lily loves tummy rubs with anyone she meets and who is willing to pet her. She has been very gentle with the children she has met.
● Lily enjoys being outdoors and the comfort of her bed.
● Lily has been destructive when left alone indoors without any access to a garden.
● Lily is completely calm when people are around her at home.
● Lily has never injured another person or animal. Lily has been kept on the lead as she can be reactive to some dogs. A longer 10-meter lead may be helpful in some situations and a shorter lead when more control is needed, such as a dogmatic halti.


● This dog has not lived with another dog.
● This dog would be best in a quiet adult home.
● This dog has been vet checked, neutered, micro-chipped and vaccinated.
● This dog will come with 4 weeks free pet insurance.
● This dog is located in Bradford, West Yorkshire

~ Completed by Aliki and Jane