Teddy 18 month old male Rottweiler x German Shepherd

Teddy is an 18-month-old male Rottweiler x German Shepherd who is looking for his forever home. Teddy is neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped. Teddy sometimes has ear infections. Teddy is fully house-trained. Teddy has some recall. Teddy has not been well socialised with other dogs and can be reactive towards some. Teddy will need a large breed experienced new home. Teddy would be best in an adult home without any visiting children. Please enquire.

Teddy’s Assessment
●Teddy is neutered, has been microchipped and is fully up to date with his vaccinations
●Teddy can get itchy ears which have been treated with ear drops in the past
●Teddy sleeps and is calm when he is left home alone
●Teddy will be pleased to see you and will sometimes jump up at you when you get home
●Teddy sometimes follows you around the house
●When you are home Teddy is keen to be around you and likes to play
●Teddy likes to bark loudly when people knock at the door
●Teddy will wait patiently while his food is being prepared but can guard his bowl. He would be best to be fed away from people in his own space and his bowl only collected once he completely finished or once he has left the room.
●Teddy currently eats two bowls of Harrington’s dry biscuits a day
●Teddy is fully house trained
●Teddy has had some formal obedience training and knows ‘sit’,'stay','lie down', ‘come here’,'leave it',‘paw’ and he will wait for food.
● Teddy's recall is usually very good unless distracted by other dogs
●Teddy pulls sometimes when he is on the lead, but generally walks nicely.
●Teddy has not been well socialised with other dogs and can be reactive if other dogs are reactive with him when he is on the lead walking past them. Generally, he is ok
●Teddy has lived with children over 6 years old but has recently been reactive towards younger children and will need an adult-only home with no visiting children
●Teddy has never injured another animal or a person before

● This dog will need an adult-only home without children or visiting children
● This dog can be reactive towards other dogs on walks and will need an experienced new home
●This dog is located in Bradford, West Yorkshire

Completed by Kayley and Madeleine