Lola 5 year old female Collie crossbreed

Lola is a 5 year old female Collie crossbreed who is looking for her forever home. Lola is neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped. Lola likes to have access to the garden at all times. Lola has a high prey drive towards cats. Lola is partially house-trained. Lola has lived with another dog but can be temperamental with some. Lola has lived with teenagers. Lola can be timid around new people. Lola has a high prey drive for small animals and would suit an experienced new adult home. Please enquire.

Lola’s Assessment
●Lola is neutered, has been microchipped and is fully up to date with her vaccines
●Lola has no known health issues
●Lola sleeps and is calm when she is left home alone
●Lola is pleased to see you and jumps up when you arrive home
●Lola will sometimes follow you when you move to a different room. When you are home, Lola can be demanding and likes the back door open even if she isn’t outside! Lola will whine and ask for it to be opened but settles down when asked
●Lola barks when people arrive at the door in excitement if she knows the person or in fear if not. Lola is usually let outside in the back garden to settle down if she doesn’t know the person yet
●Lola will follow you around while you prepare her food and wag her tail
●Lola currently Harrington's biscuits twice a day with meaty chunks of Asda Hero dog food
●Lola is partially house trained (still sometimes has accidents)
●Lola has not formal training but knows ‘lay down, ‘come here and ‘recall’ (when off the lead). Lola may need some further training as she does not always listen, she is less likely to listen to commands when she sees another dog too
●Lola pulls a lot on the lead and may need further lead training
●Lola can be temperamental with dogs, she prefers smaller dogs but can feel intimidated by larger dogs, particularly Labradors
●Lola has lived with children aged between 12 and 14 before but can be clumsy and doesn’t like her space being invaded as it makes her nervous. Lola may be able to live with older children who respect her space
●Lola has lived with other dogs before
●Lola would not be able to live with cats
●Lola is a lovely girl but struggles with meeting new people, Lola is better with a slow introduction with new people or she will shy away (them sitting down and allowing her to sniff their hands before trying to stroke her). Lola needs someone who is understanding and has plenty of patience with her
●Lola has a high prey drive

●This dog has been vet checked
●This dog is located in Bampton, Oxfordshire

~Completed by Kayley

Application Status: Reserved

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