Miren 7 Year Old Female Siberian Husky

Miren is a loving 7-year-old female Husky who is looking for her forever home. Miren has has been micro-chipped. Miren would be suited to an adult house without children. Miren has lived with a cat before with no problems. Miren is fine with other dogs but can get excited around them. Miren would benefit from an experienced home who is around during the day and can give her time to focus on a bit of retraining. Please enquire.

Miren's Assessment
● Miren is not yet neutered, has been microchipped and is not yet up to date with her vaccinations
● Miren has no known health issues
● Miren is partially house-trained and sometimes still has some accidents
● Miren can bark when she is left home alone
● Miren will be pleased to see you when you arrive home
● Miren will bark when she hears a knock at the front door
● Miren behaves well when you are home, she will always follow you if you move to another room
● Miren currently eats wet and dry Barkers and behaves well when being fed
● Miren pulls a lot on the lead and is currently walked twice daily
● Miren knows the commands sit, come here, leave it and paw
● Miren is fine with other dogs but can get excited around them
● Miren has not lived with children before and prefers adult company
● Miren has lived with a cat before without issue
● Miren has never injured another animal or person

● This dog has not been neutered
● The dog will need her vaccinations updating
● This dog has lived previously lived with a cat
● This dog is located in East Dunbartonshire, Scotland

Completed by Kayley & Madeleine

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