Seamus 8 year old male Border Collie

Seamus is a 8 year old male Border Collie who is looking for his forever home. Seamus is neutered and micro-chipped. Seamus is fully house-trained. Seamus is interested in other dogs and will pull towards them if they pull towards him. Seamus has lived with 2 cats. Seamus will need an adult-only home as he can be reactive towards children. Please enquire.

Seamus’s Assessment
● Seamus is neutered and microchipped
● Seamus currently needs his vaccinations updating
● Seamus has no known health issues
● Seamus is calm and sleeps when left home alone
● Seamus will jump up to greet you when you come home
● Seamus will sometimes follow you between rooms in the house
● Seamus is calm at home and good around people, but he has shown some reactiveness towards young children so will suit an adult-only home
● Seamus will show interest in other dogs he meets and want to greet them, he will only bark if the other dog shows this reaction
● Seamus is well behaved with food and will wait to be fed
● Seamus is currently fed Hero brand wet dog food twice daily
● Seamus is fully house-trained
● Seamus knows the commands sit, stay, come here and paw
● Seamus will walk nicely on the lead when out on walks
● Seamus is currently walked at least daily
● Seamus has lived with cats before
● Seamus has never injured another person or animal

● This dog is neutered and microchipped
● This dog requires updated vaccinations
● This dog has previously lived with cats
● This dog would be suited to an adult-only home
● This dog is located near Preston, Lancashire

~Completed by Lucy and Madeleine