Buster 3 year old Male Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Buster is a friendly 3 year old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is looking for his forever home. Buster is vaccinated and micro-chipped. Buster is fully house-trained. Buster would be best in a home as an only dog as he is reactive with other dogs. Buster has lived around children but would be best in an adult home. Buster would be best in an experienced new home. Please enquire.

Buster's Assessment

● Buster is a 3.6 year old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier x Border Collie
● Buster is neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped
● Buster has been vet checked
● Buster is very loving in the home and will follow you from room to room.
● Buster can be excitable and would not suit a home with smaller children due to this
● Buster also mouths when playing
● Buster is calm when left home alone
● Buster is pleased to see you when you arrive home and jumps up
● Buster always follows you if you go to another room
● Buster loves attention, especially in the morning or if you are returning home
● Buster is very excitable and does jump up
● Buster will wait for food, but can be picky
● Buster has been used to being fed twice daily, morning and evening.
● Buster has been fed on Winalot dried complete and Butches simply gentle tinned dog food
● Buster is fully house-trained
● Buster knows the commands sit, stay, leave it
● Buster would benefit from further training
● Buster pulls a lot on the lead
● Buster is extremely reactive towards other dogs and can snap at people when he is over excitable or stressed due to other dogs
● Buster has not been walked recently due to his reaction towards other dogs
● Buster would benefit from a home where he can be walked away from other dogs initially and desensitized over a long period of time with the use of positive reinforcement training
● Buster has not had contact with children recently, but has had contact with children in the past
● Buster will chase other animals and has not lived with any
● Buster is a loving dog who will need an experienced new home to help him with his reactive behaviour
● Buster is loyal and affectionate
● Buster will was attacked by another dog and did retaliate


● This dog is located in Leeds, West Yorkshire
● This dog is neutered vaccinated and micro-chipped
● This dog has been vet checked
● This dog is not able to live with other animals
● This dog is very reactive with other dogs in particularly
● This dog will benefit from an experienced new home and further training
● This dog will need to be muzzled and walked on the lead away from other dogs
● This dog would be best in an adult home

~ Completed by Steven and Jane

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