Rosco 8 month old male Beagle x Spaniel

Rosco is a 8 month old male Beagle x Spaniel who is looking for his forever home. Rosco is vaccinated and micro-chipped. Rosco has a sensitive stomach and is best on kibble. Rosco is partially house-trained. Rosco has met children on walks. Rosco would suit an experienced new home with someone who is around most of the day. Please enquire.

Rosco’s Assessment
●Rosco is not yet neutered, has been microchipped and is fully up to date with his vaccines
●Rosco has no known health issues but has a sensitive stomach
●Rosco barks and cries when he is left home alone
●Rosco is pleased to see you and can jump up when you get home. When you are home, Rosco loves to be around you and follows you around the home
●Rosco needs a home where he isn’t left alone for too long and an experienced home who can train and exercise him
●Rosco currently stays in his crate when someone comes into the house as he can get overexcited and greet them with too much energy
●Rosco will sit and wait for his food when told to do so
●Rosco currently eats Royal Canine Junior kibble twice a day
●Rosco is partially house trained (still sometimes has accidents)
●Rosco has had some formal training, and he knows the commands ‘sit’, ‘wait’ and ‘no’
●Rosco pulls a lot when he is on the lead
●Rosco is a little boisterous with other dogs and wants to play when he sees them
●Rosco has not lived with other dogs before
●Rosco has been friendly with children but is quite boisterous so would be suited to an adult-only home or home with older children
●Rosco has never hurt another animal or human before

● This dog is located in Rugby, Warwickshire

~Completed by Kayley

Application Status: Accepting Applications

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