Deano 4 year old male crossbreed dog

Deano is a 4 year old male crossbreed dog who is looking for his forever home. Deano is neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped. Deano is fully house-trained. Deano is fed raw homemade food. Deano has some recall. Deano likes to play with other dogs. Deano has been used to visiting teenagers. Deano chases smaller cats and sheep. Deano will need an experienced new home. Please enquire.

Deano’s Assessment
●Deano is neutered, has been microchipped and is fully up to date with his vaccinations
●Deano has no known health issues
●Deano will be pleased to see you when you get home, he will jump up and do a waggle dance to get his bum scratched
●Deano will sometimes follow you to other rooms in the home. When you are home, he likes to sleep on his bed, watch you if you’re cooking in the kitchen and will let you know when he wants to go outside
●Deano is inquisitive when people knock at the door
●Deano sits and waits for his food
●Deano currently eats Bakers (Purina) in the morning and in the afternoon eats homemade Raw food (e.g. chicken/beef/salmon/pureed veg and rice or pasta). Deano likes to eat everything and anything he can!
●Deano is fully house trained
●Deano has had formal obedience training, he knows ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘come here’, ‘leave it’, ‘paw’, and hasrecall when off the lead.
●Deano will do almost anything for food! His response to recall off the lead can vary depending on distractions around him
●Deano pulls sometimes when he is on the lead
●Deano is like a puppy when he is out on a walk around other dogs. He would love to play with any dog he meets and is gentle with small dogs
●Deano has lived with another dog before and would not be suited to living with cats as he chases them
●Deano has spent some time around teenagers but would be best suited to an adult only home as he can be boisterous and doesn’t know his own strength
●Deano can be preoccupied by food and any rustle noise can get his attention, he can raid bins if he can reach into them or get into binbags out on the street on walks.
●Deano loves cuddles, bum scratches and head massages and thinks he is smaller than he is – often trying to get onto your knee to give you big sloppy kisses!
●Deano has a high prey drive as he used to hunt wild boar, he has managed to catch chickens before but only ended up licking them. He is kept on the lead around sheep as he can worry them.

●This dog will be vet checked before leaving us
●This dog has lived with another dog before
●This dog is located in Oldham, Lancashire
●Transport to any part of the UK can be arranged for the right home

Completed by Kayley & Madeleine