Minnie 6.5 year old female American Akita.

Minnie is a 6.5 year old female American Akita. Minnie is micro-chipped. Minnie has had some antibiotics for a cyst. Minnie has been living outdoors in a kennel. Minnie is very reactive towards visitors and will bark at them. Minnie is fully house-trained. Minnie is temperamental with some dogs, so is kept on the lead. Minnie has lived around children but would suit an adult home. Minnie is very territorial and tries to escape. Minnie loves digging and chewing things. Minnie has a high prey drive for small animals. Minnie would suit an experienced new home. Please enquire.

Minnie’s Assessment
●Minnie is not yet neutered, has been microchipped and is not yet fully up to date with her vaccines
●Minnie has been on antibiotics for a cyst
●Minnie is destructive and barks when she is left home alone
●Minnie will be pleased to see you and may jump up when you get home
●Minnie currently lives outside, however when she is inside, she loves to follow you around the home! When you are home, Minnie is loving, cuddly, affectionate and acts like your shadow
●Minnie barks when someone knocks at the door
●Minnie isn’t particularly food driven so will wait until her food is put down to show an interest in it
●Minnie currently eats 2 cups of dry dog food, once in the morning and once in the evening
●Minnie is fully house-trained
●Minnie has not had any formal training, but knows the commands ‘sit’, ‘come here’, and ‘paw’
●Minnie pulls a lot when she is on the lead
●Minnie is temperamental with other dogs when she on her walks
●Minnie has lived with a 2-year-old child who grew up around her and a 4 year old niece who also visits
●Minnie lives with another dog at the moment and would like to be kept with Luna who is the same age and who she grew up with
●Minnie can be territorial of her home, she likes to try and escape, loves digging and chewing. Minnie would suit a home experienced with big dog breeds who have the time to re-train her
●Minnie has a high prey drive for small animals

●This dog would suit a home with the current other dog she lives with
●This dog is located in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire

Application Status: Accepting Applications

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