Ernie 5 year old Male Chihuahua

Ernie is a calm and friendly 5 year old male Chihuahua who is looking for his forever home. Ernie is micro-chipped. Ernie would benefit from a home where someone is around most of the day. Ernie is partially house-trained. Ernie has lived with other dogs. Ernie has lived with children. Ernie anxiety issues and would benefit from an experienced new home. Please enquire.

Ernie's Asssessment

●Ernie is micro-chipped.
●Ernie does not have any known health issues
●Ernie is always very pleased to see you when you come home
●Ernie likes to be around people and has anxiety behaviours when left home alone for long periods
●Ernie can bark and be destructive when left home alone
●Ernie is calm and loving when people are at home, he loves attention and cuddles with his family
●Ernie does not respond to people coming to the front door
●Ernie will bark and get excited for food
●Ernie has an adorable habit of taking biscuits from him food and running away to eat them, then coming back for more until he is full!
●Ernie is currently fed a bowl of biscuits a day and some treats
●Ernie is partially house trained, he may sometimes still have accidents
●Ernie has not had any formal obedience training
●Ernie will walk nicely when out on the lead
●Ernie responds well to other dogs, he also lived previously with two other Chihuahuas
●Ernie is a bit of a home bird and is happy to not go too far on his walks!
●Ernie has previously lived with children in the home
●Ernie has previously lived with two other dogs and has been fine around neighbourhood cats being in the home
●Ernie can be very nervous when first meeting somebody due to his anxiety, but when he knows somebody he is well behaved and friendly
●Ernie has never injured a person or animal


●This dog is micro-chipped
●This dog has previously lived with other dogs and been around cats in the home
●This dog is located in Church Fenton, Tadcaster

~ Completed by Dominic and Madeleine