Diva 7 year old female Siberian Husky

Diva is a friendly 7 year old female Siberian Husky who is looking for her forever home. Diva is neutered and micro-chipped. Diva has Hip Dysplasia on her left hip and Lupus. Diva is fully house-trained. Diva whines when other dogs bark and wants to play. Diva has been around young children but would be best in a home with older children. Diva would benefit from a large breed experienced home. Please enquire.

●Diva is neutered and microchipped
●Diva currently needs her vaccinations updating
●Diva has hip dysplasia on her left hip, lupus and is currently being cleared of fleas
●Diva loves being at home and lounging about on the sofa or bed
●Diva will generally sleep and be calm when left home alone
●Diva will be pleased to see you and bark excitedly when you come home
●Diva will whine when someone comes to the door, then jump up as she wants to greet and sniff the new person!
●Diva is very well behaved around food and will wait for or leave her food if instructed
●Diva used to gulp down food when she was first rescued, so currently her bowl is kept topped up with food so she will graze instead when she is hungry
●Diva is fully house trained
●Diva knows the commands sit, stay, come, leave, paw and bark
●Diva will pull sometimes when out on the lead
●Diva was first rescued four years ago and did not appear to have had much interaction with dogs before this; she will want to play with other dogs she meets but as she is a big husky this can worry other owners and dogs, although she does not show any aggression
●Diva has had contact with children and never shown any issues, however as a Husky she does like her own space sometimes. A home with children who are old enough to be able to respect that would suit her best
●Diva has not previously lived with any other animals
●Diva has never injured another person or animal

●This dog is neutered and microchipped, not currently fully vaccinated
●This dog has not lived with other animals before
●This dog would be best suited to a home with older children
●This dog is currently located near Wakefield, West Yorkshire
●Transport to any part of the UK can be arranged for the right home

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