Luna ref:0X30KG 10 year old Akita cross Rottweiler

Luna is a 10 year old Akita cross Rottweiler who is looking for her forever home. Luna is vaccinated and micro-chipped. Luna is fully house-trained. Luna is timid around other dogs when meeting. Luna has lived around children. Luna has lived with cats and a bearded dragon. Please enquire.

Luna’s Assessment
●Luna is vaccinated, micro-chipped but is not yet neutered
●Luna has no known health issues
●Luna sleeps and is calm when she is left home alone
●Luna likes to bring you a toy when you arrive home!
●Luna will sometimes follow you when you move to another room. When you are home, Luna is very calm and relaxed and enjoys attention
●Luna will go to the front door and wag her tail when someone knocks at the door and will occasionally pop her head out to see if she knows them
●Luna will sit by the cupboard where her food is while you prepare her food for her and then follows you to her bowl
●Luna currently eats Wagg dog food twice a day
●Luna is fully house trained
●Luna has no formal training but knows sit, come here, paw, stay and leave it
●Luna pulls a lot when she is on the lead
●Luna can be nervous around other dogs and will observe them from a distance, sometimes can be reactive towards them. Luna has never been let off the lead but has been introduced slowly to a family member’s dog and gets on with them
●Luna has been around children of all different ages
●Luna has lived with cats and a bearded dragon before. Luna has been fine with cats whilst on walks too
●Luna is a very loving dog who likes getting lots of attention from cuddles and strokes!
●Luna has never harmed another animal or a human before

●This dog has lived with cats
●This dog is located in Harrogate, North Yorkshire

~Completed by Kayley

Application Status: Accepting Applications

Applications are in progress for this dog.

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