Diesel 1 Year Old Male Akita

Diesel is a 1 year old male Akita who is looking for his forever home. Diesel is vaccinated and micro-chipped. Diesel is fully house-trained. Diesel is not good with other animals. Diesel has lived with children. Diesel would be best in a home with older children. Diesel can be very temperamental and reactive around new people until he gets to know them. Diesel has training issues and would suit an experienced new home. Diesel has a high prey drive and will need to be kept on the lead and muzzled in public. Please enquire.

Diesel's Assessment
●Diesel is not yet neutered, is up to date with his vaccinations and
has been micro-chipped
●Diesel is fully house-trained
●Diesel has no health problems but only one of his testicles dropped
●Diesel sleeps and is calm when he is left home alone
●Diesel will be pleased to see you when you get home and may jump up
●Diesel will sometimes bark when people knock at the door
●Diesel will be very excited when he first sees you and will then calm down and play with his toys or lay down
●Diesel will sometimes follow you around the house
●Diesel currently eats two meals a day of Wagg beef or chicken flavour and is given pedigree treats. Diesel will wait and stay when he is waiting for food
●Diesel will sometimes pull when he is on the lead and is quite strong
●Diesel knows the commands sit, come here, leave it, no and paw
●Diesel does not respond well to other dogs and needs an owner with the time and understanding to help him overcome this issue
●Diesel currently lives with two 6 and 7-year-old children but may be
suited to a house with older children as he can be giddy and jump up. ●Diesel takes a little bit of time to adjust to new people and may growl when first meeting someone
●Diesel has never lived with another animal before and does not like cats or birds and will bark at them
●Diesel has never injured a person before, but has been involved in an incident with two cats
● Diesel was recently very reactive at a meeting and will need an experienced new home to further his training

●This dog has not yet been neutered
●The dog will need to be vet checked
●This dog has been vaccinated
●This dog has not lived with any other animals before
● This dog has a high prey drive and will need to be muzzled in public and kept on the lead
●This dog is located in Birmingham, West Midlands

Completed by Jane & Madeleine

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